Golfing sensation Rory McIlroy will be the biggest sports story of 2011 in my opinion.

He seems certain to dominate world golf after he secures what looks like an inevitable win in the US Open on Sunday where he is 8 shots ahead heading into the final round.

Make no mistake, the mop headed McIlroy with his cheeky grin and bouncy walk is a huge marketing commodity—quite likely the equivalent of David Beckham in marketing terms.

The fact that he seems an overall good guy with an ‘Aw shucks' Huck Finn persona and recently did UN relief work in Haiti as an Irish goodwill ambassador there marks him out as someone very special in the self-engrossed world of big time sport.

In a world of cookie cutter golfers he has the personality and charm and poise to become a global sports star.

Rory McIlroy may be the greatest golfer on the planet for the next decade or so.

Tiger Woods looks in permanent decline and McIlroy has that star quality that very few of the top golfers today have.

He may also be the next David Beckham, the biggest commodity in world sports for many years.

Beckham parlayed a mediocre career into a multi million dollar marketing bonanza.

McIlroy has far more talent and the future looks even brighter.

A win tonight will set the stage.