The news that Robbie Keane is to stay with Tottenham Hotspur is a powerful boost to the Ireland captain and to the Irish team. Keane is a player who needs consistency and certainty in order to thrive. He will have that now at Tottenham.

Keane has been a journeyman soccer player who has had more clubs than hot dinners. His jaunt to Liverpool from Tottenham which was then reversed could have turned out very badly, but didn't.

Indeed, as he looks at Liverpool now behind Tottenham in the race for the top four, and with the team essentially imploding under Rafael Benitez, he must thank his lucky stars he is back with Spurs. A permanent move to Liverpool would have spelled disaster.

Now that Harry Redknapp has committed to the player it means an awful lot to Keane. He can look forward to a few seasons more at the top flight of British soccer, certainly something he would not have enjoyed if he had moved to Celtic as was reported.

Keane is an extraordinary talent but not the most mature player on the park. That is why Redknapp, who exemplifies the word “experience” is the best kind of manager to deal with him. He is fortunate to have Redknapp's confidence even though he is not a fixture on the first team just now.