The New York Jets have not won a super bowl since 1968 but with Rex Ryan at the helm that may be about to change.

Wins over the New England Patriots and now the Miami Dolphins leave them sitting pretty in their division and with key corner back Darrelle Revis set to come back next week Ryan may have the best defense in the NFL.

The win over Miami was a true Ryan special, his team was emotionally up for the game and he showed brilliant play calling on the final drive when Miami seemed certain to score when they got to the seven yard line with four downs to play.

In the old days the same old Jets would have allowed the touchdown the two point conversion and been beaten in extra time.

Not these Jets, not this coach

But Ryan is not known as a tactical defensive genius for no reason.

He dialed up four brilliant defensive plays, including a fourth down interception which gave the game to the Jets.

With Mark Sanchez looking more like Joe Namath with every game, Braylon Edwards getting his head screwed on for the plays that mattered and Ladanian Tomlinson defying the years and the taunt that he was over the top, the Jets offense looks well ahead of last year's when they came within a whisker of the Super Bowl.

Ryan will certainly bring them deep into the playoffs this year -- It is a strange year with teams like Kansas 3-0.

Yes, folks Under this coach the Jets could go all the way.