Rex Ryan is the son of football legend Buddy Ryan, but he has every chance now to surpass his father. In his first year he has led his team to the playoffs, despite starting a rookie quarterback who is mainly just handing off running plays.

Buddy Ryan, Rex Ryan's father, was probably the best defensive coordinator ever. He was chaired off the field in 1985 by his players after the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl, behind his dynamic '46' defence. Even though Mike Ditka was head coach, Ryan was revered by the players.

As head coach though, Ryan did not fare well.His best shot was with the Philadelphia Eagles but he failed to make a late run into the playoffs with them. He led the Houston Oilers into the playoffs, but will be best remembered for  a sideline fight with Kevin Gilbride his offensive coordinator. He bombed out with the Arizona Cardinals.

Rex surpasses his father in two important way --he is far more affable and gets on with his players much better and  he is also a better offensive coach than his Dad ever was. He has wrung the maximum out of a team without a decent quarterback or wide receivers . He is also his equal as a defensive genius.This New York Jets team is as tough as teak when it comes to keeping the opposition at bay despite some last minute slip ups during the season.

The Jets may be too one dimensional this year to advance far into the playoffs but if Ryan can get Mark Sanchez stoked for next year watch out. If he makes a draft move for Golden Tate from Notre Dame who could well be the best wide receiver in years then we could really have a Super Bowl contender next year