Two Boston based sports stars got what they were looking for this Christmas as both Ray Allen and Tom Brady hit record breaking landmarks this weekend.

While Brady had to wait until the Patriots game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night, Ray Allen was looking for more than just Christmas presents on saturday when his Celtics matched up against the Orlando Magic.

Allen came into the game on a career mark of 2'499 three point shots made. He went one of five from beyond the arc but it was enough to make him only the second player in NBA history to score 2'500 shots from three point range. Reggie Miller is the only other player to do so. Miller finished his career on 2'560 three pointers and ranks first in NBA history from beyond the arc.

Allen looks likely to surpass Miller's all time record this season as he is averaging 41.5% scoring 56 three pointers in 28 games.

Brady followed Allen's performance in Buffalo on Sunday night during the Patriot's 34-3 routing of the Bills.

Among his three touchdown passes during the game, Brady broke Bernie Kosar's record of 308 pass attempts without throwing an interception in the 3rd quarter, his 17th attempt. By the end of the game he had extended the streak to 319.

The streak doesn't look likely to end any time soon as Brady's Patriots have locked up the no.1 seed in the AFC and face a Dolphins' team with little to play for in Foxboro next week.

His last interception came an incredible 9 games ago against the Baltimore Ravens. Brady has thrown for only 4 interceptions all season.

It is no coincidence that the characters of Brady and Allen are so similar as neither will care about the individual records should their teams not be champions come the end of the season.

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