Reggie Miller could do nothing except watch last night, as Ray Allen broke his all time three point shot record in the NBA. However he wasn't complaining.

Everyone had been waiting for this moment in Boston since the beginning of the season therefore it was fitting that it came in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Miller was sitting behind ESPN's commentary desk as Ray Allen rose above Derek Fisher with his predictably perfect shooting form from the top of the arc. It was over in a second as the ball snapped away from his fingertips and sailed through the net of the basket.

"There you go" said it all from Miller, as the former Supersonic shooting guard tied his record late in the first quarter.

Now the crowd was anticipating the second three pointer. The three pointer that would make Allen the outright leader in NBA History and earn him a footnote in the Hall of Fame(literally as Allen's shoes were specifically marked for the occasion and will be displayed in Springfield).

As ever, Allen didn't take long to bring the Boston crowd to their feet again.

Before the first quarter had ended Allen had broken the record and scored his 2'561st NBA three pointer. A fast break opportunity was led by Rajon Rondo, who fittingly supplied the assist, as Allen knocked down the open look to shoot his way into the history books.

At the next break of play, both Allen and Miller showed their class as Allen walked to the commentary desk to share an embrace with the former record holder. Miller put it perfectly at the time, "I don't understand why people ask if I'm upset. Records are made to be broken....and [Ray Allen] is a great humble and family man."

Miller's words were spot on as Allen went to his mother and hugged her tightly when the stadium announcer called for fans to celebrate his record at the break in quarters.

Ray Allen's record in all likelihood will never be broken. His record breaking three pointer puts him 799 made shots clear of 3rd placed Jason Kidd.