An impressive performance from the Boston Celtics was led statistically by Kevin Garnett who dominated his matchup against Chris Bosh.

Garnett finished with 28 points on 13 of 20 shots. Paul Pierce wasn't far behind with 27 while Ray Allen chipped in with 15.

There was one much more significant performance in the game that won't be found on the box score however. With seven minutes left in the third quarter, Rajon Rondo dislocated his elbow after a tussle with Dwayne Wade.

Rondo reappeared to sit on the bench just before the end of the third quarter. His teammates had held and extended a fourteen point lead while he was out.

Amazingly Rondo returned to the game for the start of the fourth quarter playing through obvious pain. He carried his injured left arm close to his body for the most part and only ever used it when he absolutely had to.

Rondo's huge hands have been attributed with the blame for his often poor free throw shooting but his ability to receive, dribble and pass the ball without using his left hand allowed the Celtics offense to flow.

His toughness in this game was monumental. That, and the story of the game itself, was epitomized in a moment when Rondo poked the ball free from Chris Bosh close to half court and ran in an easy uncontested basket.

Rondo finished the game with only 6 points but his impact on the game cannot be measured in a box score.

Another positive note that can't be found in the box score was the impressive minutes that Jeff Green played off the bench. In 21 minutes Green only scored 6 points but played good defense and looked energetic on the court.

Rondo's status for Game Four is surely in doubt though isn't it with such a severe injury.

Not according to him.

"It's a painful feeling but I'll be fine. It's no big deal. It's not an excuse. I'll be ready to play in two days."