After the Chris Paul debacle, the one in Boston opposed to the one in New Orleans with David Stern, the Boston Celtics essentially have no choice but to let Rajon Rondo go.

Rondo has been a somewhat temperamental player during his time in Boston, while he remains a key cog in the machine that is Doc Rivers' roster, he is not totally expendable to the team.

Letting Rondo go won't be easy because the team won't be able to get market value for the player at this stage. In the NBA it is best to either be competing for the finals or the first overall lottery pick. Mediocrity is not rewarded in America's biggest basketball league.

For this reason the Celtics best option right now may be to go after a former MVP who is currently residing in Phoenix.

Steve Nash may be 37 years of age, and nowhere near his prime, however during a shortened season and with a roster of veterans Nash could be a perfect fit for the Celtics sans Rondo.

The Celtics would give themselves a starting five capable of competing in the playoffs, even if for one season, should they trade Rondo and Jermaine O'Neal to the Suns for Nash and Marcin Gortat.

Gortat would give the Celtics a reliable inside presence, while Nash's passing and outside shooting would complement the big three in Boston. Nash's $11 million salary is similar to Rondo's $10 million salary for the coming year and he only has one year before hitting free agency.

O'Neal and Gortat both make $6 million therefore the Celtics would still have room to sign their own free agents while also bringing in outside role players.

If the Celtics are indeed resigned to losing Rajon Rondo, then Steve Nash and Marcin Gortat may be the best deal that they can get.

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