A recent report from Sam Amick, of Sports Illustrated, says that the Boston Celtics are hoping to land marquee point guard Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets.

While it is no shock that the Celtics are hoping to improve their roster after last season's disappointment in the playoffs, the last position on the court anyone would have considered upgrading is point guard.

Rajon Rondo has been a vital piece for the Celtics over the past few seasons as the team has averaged 58.5 wins per season with him in the line-up.

Rondo is a fan favorite in Boston who has run Doc Rivers' system to perfection racking up the assists as well as being part of a championship team in 2008.

His desire and passion for the game is unquestioned, exemplified by his one handed performance against the Miami Heat. In that game Rondo dislocated an elbow but returned to the game to help the team against the Miami Heat.

While Rondo is a very very good point guard, he is not on the same level as Chris Paul.

Paul is the best point guard in the game. He possesses all of Rondo's playmaking abilities in transition, his awareness as a passer as well as his passion to play defense. However he is a better overall scorer than Rondo and can consistently shoot the outside shot.

This was a major flaw of Rondo's game that was exposed in the finals two years ago as well as last season. Unfortunately that flaw is fatal to Rondo's game when team's approach the game in the right way.

Rondo is limited which prevents him from reaching the level of Paul or even a Deron Williams or a Derrick Rose.

It is true that the point guard position is probably the strongest that the Celtics have right now. Considering the current roster's desperate need for a starting caliber center, it would seemingly make sense for the team to try to land a Tyson Chandler in free agency rather than focus on trading for Paul.

That only makes sense for a short sighted GM. Danny Ainge's focus on landing Paul proves that he is thinking about the team's long-term future and not selling out to try and get one last drop out of the big three.

Any time you can find a player to build around now and over the coming years, it is worth making the effort. Paul is a franchise talent on the level of a Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James.

At 26 years of age he is just entering his prime. Last season Paul almost single handedly carried the Hornets passed the Lakers in the playoffs. On a much more talented team, such as the Celtics, Paul would flourish this season while Ainge has proven in the past he is a good enough GM to surround a playmaker like Paul with talent.

Chris Paul may not actually be needed by the Boston Celtics in the short term, but acquiring him would give the team a firm direction over the next decade or so.

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