It is no secret that the Los Angeles Clippers may be willing to let Chris Kaman go in a trade during this off-season as the team builds around Blake Griffin. Kaman will be a hot commodity on the open market provided that the team is able to re-sign DeAndre Jordan.

With Jordan and Griffin, Kaman will become expendable to the team.

However, should another franchise prise Jordan away under his restricted free agent status, then Kaman will likely stay.
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Should the 29 year old center become available, then the Celtics may be interested in acquiring his services. Unlike a trade for Chris Paul and Russel Westbrook with Kendrick Perkins, acquiring Kaman would reflect a focus on winning now opposed to building for the future.

Kaman would give the team that inside presence in the paint from the center position that they lost when they traded the aforementioned Perkins to Oklahoma City last season.

Standing at 7'0 and 265 lbs, Kaman doesn't have the frame to dominate a game in the way a Shaquille O'Neal would have, but Shaq wasn't healthy in Boston last year and he certainly wasn't in his prime like Kaman is.

One thing that will certainly put the Celtics' decision makers on alert is Kaman's injury history. He has averaged just 54 games over the past five seasons and only made 32 appearances last year. Another injury riddled center is not what this team needs.

How the Celtics evaluate Kaman's durability, along with their determination to win with the big three, will determine whether the franchise has any interest in acquiring the big man from the Clippers.

While Kaman won't make the team more athletic on the perimeter, his presence inside would be an improvement over Jermaine O'Neal. The Chicago Bulls reaped the rewards of having range and length inside with Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah last season, the Celtics could have a similar theme with Kevin Garnett and Chris Kaman inside.

Kaman's $11 million salary for the coming season may be an issue but not one that the team cannot overcome.

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