The mayor of Poznan, Poland, has lashed out at Roy Keane, former Republic of Ireland soccer captain, who blasted fans for singing and chanting during the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship.

On Thursday, Keane criticized the Irish fans for singing “You’ll Never Beat the Irish” and “The Fields of Athenry” in support for their team following Ireland’s 4-0 defeat to Spain.

However Mayor Ryszard Grobelny said the tournament would  not have been the same without the spirit of the Irish in their city.

He said “There is no way they should stop singing - they wouldn’t be Irish if they did,” according to the Belfast Telegraph.

“I must say the Irish fans are magnificent and the residents really appreciate the atmosphere they have created. They are the best group I have ever seen.”
Here’s the audio of Irish fans keeping their spirits up at the 89th minute of the game against Spain: