Pizza Hut's Irish stores are now offering a free pizza to all its Facebook fans when France concedes a goal in the World Cup.

Pizza Hut has laid it all out for their Irish customers on their Facebook page:

"Remember that ‘Hand Ball’ incident? Well, Pizza Hut will be giving away FREE pizzas for every goal scored against France!"

The reader is then asked to click on the "Free Pizza" tab when France concede a goal.

The "Free Pizza" tab contains a large Pizza Hut scoreboard that records the goals scored  against France and releases a unique pin code for fans to obtain their free delivered pizza.

Will Pizza Hut not go broke? The chain is well aware of Ireland's large appetite for pizza, and it has wisely capped the promotion at 350 free pizzas per goal.

The fan page is gathering momentum with users asking for "frogs" as a topping and "baguette" as a crust.

The Thierry Henry incident is still fresh in the minds of Irish soccer supporters. Many joined anti-Henry groups on Facebook and some even boycotted French goods.

Ireland's Prime Minister even asked the French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, to pressure the French football association for an international rematch.

Although the Irish get the chance to eat their sorrows away for free, Pizza Hut has pulled off a stroke marketing genius. For only 350 9" pizzas, the "Hand Ball" campaign will likely grace the back pages of nearly every newspaper in the world.