Put simply Pittsburgh Steelers gave the Super Bowl away.

Three turnovers that brought 21 points was the total difference between the two teams.

Ben Roethlisberger will long rue the two interceptions he threw which dug a deep hole for his offense.

The fact that they only came up a touchdown short of victory is an extraordinary feat in itself.

In keeping with recent Super Bowls this was a game right to the bitter end but the mistake free Green Bay Packers were full value for their victory in the end.

Aaron Rodgers has made the Packer faithful quickly forget about Brett who? and a new hero has been born on the frozen tundra back home.

Mike McCarthy has now got that critical first super bowl win on his resume while Mike Tomlin will remember this one as the one that got way.

In the end it was the franchise born in 1921 took their fourth super bowl trophy and were full value for it.

Two teams with great history and tradition clashed in Dallas but Green Bay proved that turnovers win Super Bowls as much as tradition and history.