The high school boyfriend of Phoebe Prince was a very promising player, one his coach said "Eats sleeps and breathes football"

Now all that is in his past as he faces very serious charges of statutory rape of Phoebe Prince and other serious charges. Instead of college football he may be facing jail time.

Mulveyhill (no. 25 in black above) became Phoebe Prince's boyfriend soon after she moved from Ireland to South Hadley Mass.. They broke up and he allegedly took part in the vicious bullying of her subsequently.

Back in November 0f 2009 however, just two months before Phoebe committed suicide Mulvehill the high school senior was lighting up the football field.

The local newspaper the Republican headlined "South Hadley made a mountain out of a Mulveyhill."
" Sean Mulveyhill led a dominating Tigers running game to a 48-26 victory over Holyoke, marking the fifth straight year the South Hadley High School football team has bested its rival.

Mulveyhill touched the ball 18 times for 244 yards and two touchdowns as the spearhead of a ground game that compiled a whopping 419 yards. "

"I don't think I've ever coached a player with as much passion for the game as Sean," (Coach Ray) Ferro said. "He eats, sleeps and breathes football."

"Execution is huge. Everyone needs to execute," Mulveyhill said. "The guys on the offensive line all did their jobs and just let us in the backfield do what we needed to do."

Now a few weeks later far from being a football hero Mulveyhill is facing charges that could end in a long prison term.