Penn State players gathered for a meeting on Sunday at the Lasch Football Building, to listen to their new head coach, Bill O’Brien, address them for the first time.

The players emerged happy, excited, and ready to play, the Boston Herald reports.

"It went great, a really awesome first impression," said defensive end Pete Massaro. "He’s a really intense guy. I can tell he’s really passionate because he got all the guys fired up right away. There was so much energy and so much buzz in that room, it was unbelievable."

"I got chills just listening to him," quarterback Matt McGloin.

"I think a lot of guys got excited in there during that meeting when Coach was talking about the things he wanted to do. You turn the TV on and watch the Patriots and, as an offense, you can’t help but get excited."
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Last Thursday, O’Brien (42) signed on as the new head coach at Penn State.  He was introduced as Joe Paterno’s successor and signed a five-year contract.

The meeting went very well, better than I had expected," center Matt Stankiewitch said. "He was a great talker. He’s got a straightforward personality, a great fit for a Penn State man — honest, respectable, a lot of charisma."

Silas Redd called it "a great first impression.”

"He’s a very tough-minded guy who instills discipline," Redd said. "His leadership qualities were second to none, it seemed. Guys are ready to rally behind him and excited to play for him. He has a way of firing you up without even yelling at you."