GAA President Nickey Brennan has admitted that the payment of managers is a major problem within the amateur sport.

Brennan, who will depart his role in the near future, says that officials at county and club board level should do more to stamp out the paying of managers as he feels the existence of the issue does disservice to those involved and moves the parties effected away from the great GAA traditions.

“There are probably some inter-county managers still being paid over the odds,” the Kilkenny native was quoted as saying by The Irish Sun.

“To be fair, the vast majority of inter-county managers are genuine people, some of whom their expenses have to be forced on them and the majority are working with the expenses remit of Central Council."

There is little secret that certain high-profile inter-county managers have received much renumeration, however, Brennan feels the real problem is at club level and feels in some cases the matter has gone completely out of control.

“There may be some that are a bit outside of those guidelines also but there is no question that the real problem is at club level,” he added.

“It is not too strong to say it is at epidemic proportions in some cases and it is amazing. I have met some club people who admit they are paying their managers but try and get that proof to bring them to accountability and you can’t.

“They are doing a huge disservice to the Association. A bigger concern for me is that when the inter-county player is finished with the inter-county scene, we would like to see him helping with his club and local youngsters. But if the lure of the dollar from another club, even a junior club, is on the horizon they are likely to grab that.

“There is usually some generous benefactor that is able to do this sort of thing. It is just that the clubs are doing themselves a terrible disservice by doing that and it is a failure of club leadership not to face up to their responsibilities.

“I do know we have been criticized for not doing anything about it. At times you have to say that is fair criticism but ask me how and I just can’t come up with a formula.”