Look out! Victory over the Cowboys has given Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a bravado shot, because he's bursting with pride this week.

Brady was bright eyed and bushy tailed yesterday for his scheduled interview with WEEI Radio’s Dennis & Callahan Show ay 6:15 AM slot, and leaving us in no doubt about what it took to squeeze out a win in the final seconds of the game.

The last 80-yard drive in the final two minutes fascinated him for good reason, because he finished by hitting tight end Aaron Hernandez for an 8-yard score that gave the Patriots a 20-16 win at Gillette Stadium.


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'At that point you’ve got a pretty good feel for what you’re doing,' Brady said, in an interview quoted by the Boston Herald. 'You’ve got a pretty good feel for your matchups, the coverages you’re seeing.

"Obviously, it wasn’t our best offensive performance yesterday. But if the score is 44-41, you’ve still got to go down and score points. I think the situation was we had two minutes there and we had a chance to win the game. All of our offensive guys, as I said after the game, we work on that every week. Every single week we have two-minute drives in practice, against the defense, against our scout team. And we’re expected to go out there and execute.'

And that is the language of growing confidence.

'I don’t think there was a guy on that offense that didn’t think we could go down and score points,' Brady added. 'Ultimately, once we got into position, we were going for the win. Every single guy on our offense really executed at a high level. That’s really what it took. Because we didn’t really execute at a high level all day. And that’s why I think we came out of the game with not scoring as many points as we would have hoped.'

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