Don Yee, the agent who represents the New England Patriot's Quarterback Tom Brady and Saints coach Sean Peyton has suggested that players be limited to just 16 games.

The NFL has already rammed through their 18-game Regular Season in the Collective Bargaining negotiations, but Yee believes it would be better to limit the player to limit the damage to their collective health.

Speaking to AP he said: "This compromise will create even more interest from fans ... What two games will the head coach sit the starting QB? That’s a discussion that will set sports talk radio airwaves a fire."

“This compromise will also be popular with coaches and general managers who want a greater opportunity to develop younger players ... The NFL doesn’t have a minor league, and this compromise will force meaningful participation by younger players on the roster.

“Players also would endorse this because each would effectively get two bye weeks during the year. Bye weeks afford important healing time and personal time away from the game.”