In San Diego, an Irish hurling team is making a name for itself. The Saint Peter’s Wolfhounds Hurling Club is the only one of its kind in San Diego and for that reason it's becoming something of a crowd puller.

Justin Roberts, a Marine Corps master sergeant, grew up playing the Irish sport in Dublin and his passion for it is undiminished now that he lives in the US.

Now his ambition is to put San Diego on America’s hurling map.

"It’s kind of comical when you see people stand back and go "what is that?" Roberts told the press this week.

"Most people think it's cricket, actually, when they see the stick," Colm Kenny, the club president added. "They say, "Is that a cricket bat?"

Kenny and Mike De Smidt, both students at San Diego State University, founded the hurling club in 2009.

In November, Roberts learned about their efforts and signed on to volunteer as their coach.

Since then, using social media and word of mouth, they have attracted about 20 players to the club.

"There is a group of beginners and a group of experienced players, and (Roberts) manages both groups," Kenny said. "When you’re ready, you graduate to the next group. It’s very friendly to new players and allows them to get a feel for the sport and see if they want to commit to it."

After a summer playing teams from Los Angeles and Phoenix, the club plans on competing in the North American County Board Championships in September.