Padraig Harrington, had a great week visiting the White House as a a guest of President Obama on St. Patrick's Day and now he may cap it all with a big tournament victory at the Transitions Tournament in Florida.

He shot a 65 to lead the field and held a one shot lead going into Saturday's play. He has not won on the tour since 2008.

“I’m capable of winning in the form I’m in,” said Harrington, who was at 8-under 134. “Am I in my best form? No. Am I getting there? Yes. I’m kind of in the form that I was in at the end of last year. I’m right in the midst of it.”

“I’ll take the attitude I’ve been taking for the first two days, which is fire away and not worry about it until I get up there,” he said. “It has not cost me too badly so far, so I’ll kind of stick with that for two more days.”

He said the trip to the White House on Wednesday for St.Patrick's Day invigorated him.

“If I thought going to the White House was going to detrimentally affect my performance, one or the other would have to be given up, either the tournament or the White House,” he said. “I felt that it certainly may put a little bit more risk into the performance, but I didn’t think it would detrimentally affect it, and it hasn’t, obviously.”