Padraig Harrington set Stewart Cink's heart a flutter at the Tour Championship in Atlanta this week when he lifted the British Open champ's Claret Jug from outside his locker at the East Lake golf club.

Cink, an honorary member at the club for the past 13 years, decided to bring the Jug to the club as a token of his gratitude and left the prize in its silver suitcase in the locker room.

Harrington happened across the case, and knowing full well what was in it (since he held the title for two years before Cink's win at Turnberry earlier this year) decided to play a practical joke.

He stashed the case in his own locker, and of course when Cink came back, it was gone.

"I assumed they had gotten it and put it on their set," Cink told AP. "I said, 'So you guys already have the claret jug?' And they said, 'No.'"

The champ didn't have to sweat it out too long, as one of the locker room attendants filled him in on the gag.

"I think Harrington walked in and saw the case - not the jug, but the case," Cink continued. "A lot of people don't know what's in there. He knew. ... Before I could think that it was gone, they told me where it was. I wish it was more dramatic."

One up for Harrington with the mind games ahead of the Tour Championship, which started today.

The Irishman tees off this afternoon with Heath Slocum.