World number 10 Padriag Harrington is confident that Augusta National will be a true test of how his game is developing, and like the old Sinatra song, the 38-year-old feels the course is the true litmus test for pros.

'It's a test on every shot - if you can play golf at Augusta you can play golf anywhere," said the triple major winner.

'I'm using it as the ultimate judge of the quality of my golf game. There are always (testing) holes at every course, but maybe Augusta has more than many and that can lead to you being a bit defensive.'

'The second hole is a good example. You've got to hit your tee shot down the middle to reach the green in two, but I've hit it in the left-hand trees before.

'I'm not going to feel too good any day standing on that tee knowing I don't want to hit it left, but if you want to get a birdie you have to take it on.

'There's definitely baggage on the second, but every hole at Augusta has a little bit of baggage somewhere.

The home of the Masters has always been a place that has made Harrington wary.

'Augusta would be the golf course that intimidates me most. Always has.

'You can't name a hole out there that doesn't put you under a little bit of stress. But I like that - I have always played based on fear.

'I'm always better when I'm absolutely pushed to the end and Augusta does that.'