Gordon Gee, president of the Ohio State University, announced on Tuesday June 4 that he will be retiring. Gee’s retirement coincides with last week’s publication of controversial comments Gee had made about Notre Dame University and other schools.

During a December meeting with Ohio State University’s Athletic Department, Gee made several gaffes in what he later called a “misguided attempt at humor.” During the meeting, Gee had referred to Notre Dame staff as “those damn Catholics” and attacked the academic integrity of several other universities.

The Associated Press made the December recordings public last week using a public records request.

Not surprisingly, Gee caught flack for the commentary.

Now, Gee has announced his retirement from OSU, but insists that his move is not connected with his gaffes.

"This isn't about those statements," Gee said, according to The Columbus Dispatch. "I have apologized for those remarks and feel incredibly sorry, but I have moved on."

Instead, Gee, who is 69 years old, told reporters he decided to retire while on vacation with his family recently. He said that this move would ensure he could spend more time with his family, as well as allow him to help OSU in other ways. He added that he’s getting older, and it’s best for him to exit as trustees embark on a new five-year plan.

Despite announcing his retirement, Gee insists he will remain active and involved with OSU. With a law degree from Columbia University, Gee hopes to return to OSU as a member of the faculty and said, “no matter what the future may hold for me, Ohio is my home.”

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