Intermediate Football John Brady Cup.

Armagh 3-10 Roscommon 0-03

On a shortened card at Gaelic park last Sunday, Armagh was completely dominant in all facets to record a facile win over Roscommon in the first game of the day.

With a scoring outburst of 3-06 to 0-01 in the first half with the Roscommon point coming just before the buzzer the game as a contest was over before it started practically. With both sides putting thirteen on the field to allow for open football, it was the Orchard men who hit all the right notes.

The big full forward John Hanratty was completely dominant and he chipped in 1-02 in the opening thirty minutes with his first point a brilliant effort from a sideline in the left corner. He was also a perfect target man and was adept to lay the ball of to better placed teammates at will. Garth Kelly on the forty also had an impressive opening half and he scored one of the Armagh goals when he shook off two tackles and soloed in from forty yards out to easily dispatch to the net. 

Sean McMullan had the third goal when he combined with Kevin McGeeney and Sean Kelly for an excellent score. Little to look back on for Roscommon in the accolades category as they never came to grips with the game and only had the Kieran Kieveney point to celebrate.

The teams had two points a piece in the opening minutes of the second half but Armagh had the final two scores of the game when Garth Kelly and John Hanratty had points in a shortened stanza. Suffice to say that no one was complaining when Tommy Fahey put an early end to proceedings. Patsy Martin, Conor Hunter, and Eoghan McParland were very solid at the back and time and time again they were the stumbling block for Roscommon.

Kevin McGeeney, the two Kelly’s, Seam McMullan and Hanratty all did an amount of very good work on the way to the easy win. For Roscommon, John R Stack, Michael O’Neill, and Kieran Kieveney were prominent.

Armagh 1 Lee Kelly 2 Collie Fearan 4 Aiden Traynor 5 Eoghan McParland 6 Patsy Martin 7 Conor Hunter 8 Kevin McGeeney 9 Sean Kelly 10 Sean McMullan (1-03)11 Garth Kelly (1-02)12 Chris Morton (0-01)13 Shane Lyons (0-01)15 John Hanratty (1-03) Subs Desi Tolman, Kyle Mostyn  

Roscommon 1 John R Stack 2 Michael Curley 4 Andrew Collins 5 Matt Quinn 6 Stephen Doherty 7 Michael O’Neill 8 Steven Spellman (0-01)9 David Gannon 10 Naill Nearney 11 Kieran Kieveney (0-01) 12 Henry Mitchell 13 Michael Travors (0-01)15 Brian Colleran Sub Shane Dummingan

Man of the Match John Hanratty (Armagh)

Referee Tommy Fahey (Waterford)

Senior Football Special League

Cork 1-13    Tyrone 0-08

Cork had a shooting star in their win over Tyrone in JP Boyle who contributed 8 points but it was the all round play of the balanced team that was the difference. With a dominant midfield in Alan Raferty and Rory Stafford, they had a field day in the first half.

Kick outs from both directions were won cleanly or on the breaks and this created chances up front continuously. Five points in the first ten minutes without reply with Boyle getting four gave them a lead they never surrendered.

A Tyrone two spot from Darren Petit and Pat Maguire from a free, Petits score was after a long solo run gave Tyron a life line but three of the final four points of the first half went to Cork for an 8 point to 3 lead at the break.

Cork made some positional changes to open the second half but the hits kept on coming. New arrival Colin Daly had his second point of the afternoon before Pat Maguire and JP Boyle swapped frees. Cork then had the deciding score of the game when Rory Stafford set Daly free on goal and the former Dublin panelist slotted home on the run.

With ten minutes gone in the half it was now 1-10 to 0-04. Tyrone had there best period of the contest scoring wise in the next ten minutes three points from Conor Downey Conor McNabb and a free by Aiden Power.

The scores did not come in quick succession however and Cork never looked threatened as they repelled four other attacks easily. After the dust had settled JP Boyle had his eighth point of the afternoon with another free and Stevie Gomez cancelled out a Sean Coyle score to culminate the days scoring.

Cork will now meet Leitrim next Saturday evening in one of the two semi finals in this Special League, Down meet Donegal in the other contest on the same night in what promises to be a very good evening of football.  

Tyrone 1 Aiden Donnelly 2 Gerard McCullough 4 Joe Bell 5 Paul Mulherne 6 Steve Keating 7 Cathel Skeffington 8 Aiden Power (0-02)9 Conor McNabb (0-01)10 Paddy Maguire (0-02)11 Darren Doherty 12 Martin Hughes 13 Darrin Petit (0-01)15 Conor Downey (0-01)Subs Sean Coyle, (0-01) Deion Gallagher,  

Cork 1 Evan Byrne 2 Paddy Harrington 4 Conor Hunter 5 Liam Hanley 6 John Fitzpatrick 7 Jack Hoare 8 Alan Rafferty (0-01)9 Rory Stafford 10 Derek Courtney 11 Sean Lordon 12 Francie Cleary 13 JP Boyle (0-08)15 Eoin Ellis Subs Colin Daly (1-02) Stevie Gomez (0-01) Donal Broderick (0-01) Shea Furlong  

Man of the Match JP Boyle (Cork)

Referee Robbie O’Donnell (Donegal) Good job by the visitor from Ireland