Read more: Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd arrested for drunk driving

Michael Floyd is running out of second chances - but not quite yet. The Notre Dame wide receiver was given one more chance to redeem himself with the Fighting Irish following his third alcohol related incident in less than two years, earning him some well deserved community service.

Fans will be relieved to hear he won't be suspended for any portion of his senior season playing football - once the regular season games begin, that is.

Sources say Floyd will still have to have his day in court, but he can probably avoid jail time even though it is his third offense.

Observers hope that if he can get his act together his collegiate playing days may turn into an NFL career next season.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports told the that if Floyd should have been suspended or expelled that head coach Brian Kelly should not have to be the one to have the final say in the matter.

"It is somewhat troubling that Floyd's future now basically rests with the football coach," Dodd was quoted as saying in the Bleacher Report. "Not just in South Bend, but everywhere, coaches should be cut out of the loop at this stage. They are not objective. They are more than biased. No matter what they may say publicly, their future employment is based on having the best football players on the field. That has to affect their decision. I'm not saying athletic director Jack Swarbrick or Fr. Jenkins wouldn't have similar biases but they are at least further removed from the person who controls Floyd's playing time."

Floyd has to realize that this may be his last chance to prove himself worthy of being a member of the Fighting Irish football team, Dodd says. If he screws up again, he may not be able to realize either of those dreams.

Read more: Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd arrested for drunk driving

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