Brian Kelly, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach, in his first year, has said that a balance has to be struck to stop the Miami Hurricanes running game while containing their passing game at the Sun Bowl this Friday.

He said “They are going to run the football, and they are going to take shots with some skilled players…You can’t sell out against run or you are going to get in one-on-one matchups that Miami can exploit.”

The Miami Hurricanes (7-5) boasts of the 26th best running game in the nation with a average of 190.4 yards.

Ian Williams, Irish nose guard said “Miami is going to do its offense, they are going to run the ball, throw the ball…We can’t really focus on what they do. We have to focus on us. We have to know what we have to do. If we can do what we do, we will be fine.”

Kelly continued “I think at this point it is what you do; you are who you are…You don’t go into a bowl game and change your demeanor. Miami has shown the ability to be very effective running the football. … They’re a well-coached football team. Clearly, that is who they are as a personality. I don’t think you depart from that going into a bowl game.”