Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly wants to pick up the pace this year. Primarily on the gridiron with his spread offense.  And now also on TV during the NBC Notre Dame Football broadcasts.

This sentiment is shared with Notre Dame athletic director Charles Swarbick who also feels that televised Fighting Irish games clocking in at 3 ½ hours on average are too long. NBC’s coverage, the broadcast home for Notre Dame football, includes too many advertisements and color commentary breaks for Kelly’s taste.

Kelly commented, "we've talked to NBC about how we like to play the game versus how we played in the past,” "We're working with them to make sure they get what they want from an advertising stand point."

These stops in game play are detrimental to the uptempo offense Kelly plans to run this season built around speedy senior WR Micheal Floyd and junior TE Kyle Rudolph.  

NBC could benefit from shorter games as well.  More viewers with short attention spans would be more likely to sit and watch a whole game complete with commercials.