Brian Kelly woke up Sunday morning with a giant sized hangover from Saturday's defeat to Michigan.

It was an unfamiliar feeling for Kelly who went unbeaten in the regular season last year with Cincinnati and won his first game for the Irish.

"I can tell you it doesn't feel good. I'm sure this mood won't change until we get a chance to win again," said Kelly who now faces a road trip to Michigan State.

"There won't be any smiling faces around here until we get another win."

Kelly said he's glad they will not face a talent like Denard Robinson who ran amok on Saturday again this season.

"Their one particular formation with three receivers to one side where he can run the ball or throw it on the run is problematic because of who he is and that's where we were stressed in coverage," Kelly said.

But Kelly pointed out that it was Robinson's passing not running on the final Michigan touchdown that hurt his side.

Robinson was 5 of 6 for 55 yards on that rally.

Kelly said his own quarterback, Dayne Crist is fine after his first half concussion that left him with double vision.

"He grew up in the second half, showed poise in pocket he hadn't shown to this point," Kelly said. "He really matured in the second half."