Now that Notre Dame have finally ended their losing streak don’t expect coach Brian Kelly to suddenly start relaxing.

After defeating Boston College Kelly knows the heat is off -- but only until Satuday at 3.30 when Pitt come to town.

Frankly  he is still displeased about some aspects of the Notre Dame play

"Our offense, it can be very efficient and then at times just have no answer for some things," Kelly told AP. “We'll have a great run for a dozen to 15 plays and then we'll have a couple of three-and-outs because we either were in the wrong formation, the wrong check or the wrong identification of a pressure. And that's evolution."

Insiders point to a particular play against Boston College where wide receiver Michael Floyd did not make the sight adjustment when Dayne Crist changed the play at the line of scrimmage.
Kelly also addressed the recent spate of stories about why he is always shouting at players on the sideline
"In every situation when I am talking to a player, I am clearly articulating why I'm talking to him about a particular situation, and demanding that intensity and that mental and physical toughness that our team has quite frankly lacked. That's what we're building."
Kelly will be relieved to have ended the losing streak and he’ll be even more relieved to be going into an easier schedule of games in October after Pitt against Western Michigan, Navy and Tulsa.