Notre Dame's senior class is preparing for their final home game there's only one commandment in coach Brian Kelly's prayerbook: win at all costs.

'You'll remember this a whole lot better if you win,' Kelly said he had told the players before his Tuesday news conference.

'And so I want them to prepare, do all the things necessary to put themselves in a good position,' Kelly told ESPN. 'There will be some emotions because it's the last game and that's natural, but we've really focused on little things - get your ticket taken care of earlier in the week, let's not wait till Thursday or Friday when you get a crush of all those things - so you can really focus on this game being just like any other game. And I think that's been or message during the week.'

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The Fighting Irish will face 3-7 Boston College this Saturday, their third consecutive game against an ACC opponent.

When he was coaching Cincinnati, Kelly frequently called out Eagles linebacker Luke Kuechly, whom the Irish may find hard to contain at the weekend.

'We loved him,' Kelly said. 'We felt like he was the kind of linebacker who has shown to have great instincts.'