Brian Kelly knows he has to win a national championship in order to make it at Notre Dame.

That's according to Austin Collinsworth, a top Notre Dame recruit and son of Cris Collinsworth, the Cincinnati Bengals legend and NBC analyst. 

Collinsworth told the South Bend Tribune that Kelly laid it out to him as follows: “'I came in here with my eyes wide open. I know if I don't win a national championship they're going to kick me out of here,' which is exactly what I was hoping he was going to tell me,” Collinsworth said. "He's very competitive, which I fit in with perfectly."

Collinsworth was first approached by Kelly when he was coach of Cincinnati, which is very close to where Collinsworth lives. UC was always going to be too close to home.

“When he went to Notre Dame,” Collinsworth said, “it was just the best of both worlds.”

Austin says his dad stayed out of the recruiting choices he had. "But as soon as I said, Notre Dame, he said, ‘That was my choice too,''” Austin says. “It was all good.”

Collinsworth will be a receiver but he has also played at several other positions too. 

 “I've kind of been everywhere,” Collinsworth said. “Changing positions is kind of second nature for me at this point.”

Brian Kelly quickly showed his talent for recruiting.