Michael Floyd is back. And his coach, Brian Kelly, wants to let you know…he very well may play.
His status for this year withthe Notre Dame Fighting Irish was uncertain after Floyd’s March 20th arrest for driving under the influence. That was his third infraction since 2008 earning the star wide receiver an indefinite suspension from football and any related activities.

He has been given a second chance it appears.  Kelly made it clear that Floyd is on very thin ice however. "He makes one mistake, in terms of how he handles himself, he doesn't play here ever," Kelly said

The coach continued "there is no suspension, there is no sit for one game. He's got to live his life the right way. If he does that -- and all the signs point toward he's moving in that direction -- then I expect him to play every game. That's why I've been optimistic."

It appears that Floyd could be the go to receiver for the Irish in the season opener against South Florida according to Kelly. "We're hoping Mike continues to do the right thing so he can play and be ready for South Florida."