Head coach Brian Kelly has confirmed that there will be no announcements about Notre Dame’s new Quarterback before the end of the spring practice.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday Kelly confirmed what most had already deduced - he’s going to take his time on the decision, and go public in August.

He said “I need all of those practices. We've laid down the communication system on offense for our quarterbacks. Now, let's go. Let's see who takes that and runs with it.

"Let's see who that guy is who takes the voluntary workouts serious and is not just out there whipping it around like he's in the backyard. And we've given them a plan for that. Who's that guy that wants to do that? And then the next step will be all those (August) practices. That's going to get us to where we can make that decision."

Kelly set up a competition that was “back-to-basics, work-from-the-ground-up logistics” this spring so it seemed probable that there would be no big announcements at the end of this practice session.

However what’s also obvious is that he’s optimistic about Tommy Rees, Andrew Hendrix, Everett Golson, and Gunner Kiel’s progress.

He said “From an offensive perspective, great work for our quarterbacks…I thought each one of them has improved in the areas we're looking for.

“As you know, the biggest point of emphasis was taking care of the football, not turning it over. We tracked all of our throws, all of our decision making, and I feel really good after the spring that our quarterbacks are well on the way to being the quarterbacks we need. That is: very efficient, takes care of the football, and can make the throws when necessary."

The spring game will be a great test for the team, for the quarterbacks to live up to their possible future position.

He said “We need to create one more opportunities for our quarterbacks," Kelly said. "We want all the things for our quarterbacks, in this game, to help us continue to develop them and build that ultimate separation among the group.”