Notre Dame has added Texas and Miami to their schedule in addition to their two-game series in 2012, with Oklahoma.

Though some are wondering if these plans for over-exposure might be to do with money other believe that it’s all part of a “Return to Glory” plan that was started eight years ago but has never really reached any kind of success.

Brian Kelly certainly seems like the man to put this plan into action. He has had the Midas Touch in his first three jobs, all college teams. It would seem the team has finally realized that they need a coach who can live up to busy schedule but if Brian Kelly can’t set the fighting Irish back on track within two years then the team might officially be taken off life support.

If Notre Dame hasn’t turned things around by 2012 there’s a good chance it could be obvious early on in the season when they play the Navy in Ireland. However even one loss on their current schedule still might see them winning a National Title. However a seven or eight loss season will basically end Notre Dame football.