Now comes the first big one.

Even Charlie Weis was 4-1 against Purdue so no great kudos for Brian Kelly for his victory.

Michigan is a different matter however.

We are talking about the two winningest franchises in college history here and Kelly knows it.

A win against Michigan will solidify his savior status in the minds of Golden Domers.

A loss will set the tongues wagging

Bu this week is the big step up. Cincinnati is bush league compared to Notre Dame when all is said and done.

The intense national spotlight was evident even during the NFL opening game between New Orleans and Minnesota last night
when the Notre Dame/Michigan clash came up several times and footage of Kelly on the sidelines was broadcast.

Today The New York Times got in on the act comparing Kelly and predecessor Weis

Weis "never got Notre Dame or its unique culture the way a Notre Dame graduate should have." wrote the Times.

"Kelly shouldn’t have that problem. An Irish politician’s son who dabbled in politics himself, he’s a charmer." they write.

Definitely a charmer but Michigan is one snake that won't want to be charmed.

Last year's destroyer Tate Forcier may not even dress for the game. he has slipped to Number 3 .

Denard Robinson, is the big man on campus and Notre Dame have to stop him to win.

At least Kelly showed at last that Notre Dame has something resembling a top college defense against Purdue.

He'll need all that and a stellar game from Dayne Crist and Michael Floyd to win this one.

I think he will

Notre Dame 24 Michigan 17.