Cincinnati fans are obviously taking the Brian Kelly news hard. Some of his former players are disgracing themselves with their negative comments.

Mouthing off to the media, egging his house and putting obscene signs on his lawn are hardly the way to go about saying farewell or thank you, especially from players who, under Kelly, have reached heights they could never have dreamed of.
Kelly gave the Bearcats something they have never had – national respect and getting this close to a BCS championship game. If Texas hadn't got that second back on the clock, it would have been Cincinnati against the Crimson Tide for all the marbles in January.

So Cincy fans needs to wise up and stop slamming Kelly for the way he left the team.

What could he do? He was in an impossible position. It was his lifetime dream job, yet he had to contend for it at a time when Cincy were playing for a possible national championship berth.

He did the best he could. Blame the ridiculous schedule that does not allow a coach to finish out a season before he has to interview for jobs.

Kelly admitted he was speaking to Notre Dame and stated that nothing was decided until it was. He handled himself with class and grace throughout, which is more than some of his former player and Bearcats fans did.

He is well rid of them.