Skylar Diggins, the stunning Notre Dame sophomore guard who shot to national prominence this year when the Fighting Irish defeated U Conn in the final four has strongly denied that a nude photo circulating on the internet is of her.

Social media including Twitter came alight yesterday after the photo surfaced.

Skylar in several tweets strongly denied the picture was of her.

Since she shot to fame and has been linked to rapper Lil Wayne she has attracted over 1000,000 twitter followers.

She tweeted;

"Gotta clear this up. I dnt knw wht pic is going around, but tht is NOT ME. Idk who is going around trying to defame my character,but its sad

"The people that know me and love me know that I would never handle myself in such a careless and classless manner.

"I can truly say I am hurt by this...I dnt believe how someone could attempt to ruin my name but being untrue. I am stronger than this though

"I will not run away and hide. There is no reason to.....goodnight and I will be back to continue my thoughts and tweet regularly tomorrow..."

Before Notre Dame's loss to Texas A&M in the final Wayne tweeted:

"Let's go Notre Dame! Let's go @skydigg4! Wifey! You are a winner in my book regardless."