Notre Dame wins victory against Oklahoma

Notre Dame’s extraordinary 30-20 victory over Oklahoma gives them a real shot at a national title game. This wasn’t just a win - it was a rout against the No. 8 team in the country who were one of the favorites going into the seasons to make the national championship game.

“Folks, let me say it loud and clear Notre Dame is relevant again” said Brent Musberger on ABC and ESPN.

Are they ever! The victory against Oklahoma was a landmark wins, the greatest under Brian Kelly. All the great Notre Dame coaches have taken at least three seasons to settle in. Kelly is proving in his third year that he is the real deal.

Even Notre Dame fanatics were fearful of the Sooners game given the fact that they are usually such a powerful force at home. Incredible now to think that until this year there were some who wanted Kelly replaced because the team had not broken out the past two seasons.

Coming in the 7-0 record was being criticized as achieved against an easy schedule. Michigan. Michigan State and Stanford easy? Hardly. But the Sooners game was really the acid test, playing in hostile territory against one of the great teams in college football.

Manti T’eo must surely have increased his chances of the Heisman Trophy given that once again he made the pivotal play of the game, intercepting a Landry Jones pass. That interception left the Irish two scores ahead with under 3 minutes to play. A famous night, a famous victory and Brian Kelly can say he has answered his critics and joined the legends. .