Notre Dame will have learned little from the 38-10 blow out against Purdue except a case of what might have been.

This team should really be 5-0 with a national top ten ranking in their sights going into the Air Force game. The snake bitten losses against South Florida and Michigan will continue to haunt this talented side

This Purdue match-up will be their easiest game of the season. Their mistaken and penalty ridden opponents had basically beaten themselves by the end of the first quarter and were never in the hunt after that.

The tenor was set with the interception of their first pass and Notre Dame never letup after that.

It will be seen as an important game in the development of Tommy Rees. He was almost intercepted early on but his lack of turnovers and fumbles will give confidence to the young quarterback who is still very much in learning mode.

He is blessed of course to have Michael Floyd and Cierre Wood.

Without Floyd next year the offense will lack the explosiveness that so marks this team making one think that this truly was Notre Dame's year except for those awful turnovers in their first two games.

For the battles ahead Notre Dame will know they have a solid defense, a great running back and wide receiver, a young and vastly improved quarterback, a suddenly vulnerable kicker and lots of questions about who will step up long term when Floyd is no longer around.

3-2 is just not good enough and Brian Kelly knows that. The cruel bounce of the ball has prevented this very fine team team from being 5-0.