Notre Dame never considered seriously going to a bowl game with their six and six record this year college sources tell me.

That was a very wise move and Notre Dame are perfectly right It would be an unnecessary drain on the football program at a time of great change.

Consider that the only bowl game on offer was the Little Caesar pizza bowl in Detroit the day after Christmas and you get a sense of how stupid a decision to play there would be.

Hawaii was ok on a once-off last year but Little Caesar pizza bowl? Notre Dame has to aim higher. Pizza might suit Charlie Weis but we’ll sip champagne under Brian Kelly hopefully.

In addition, the bowl proceeds would have been about $750,000 which would barely cover the cost of getting the team there etc.

No, Swarbrick has it right. This team needs to focus on the year ahead and the new coach. It is especially vital that recruitment efforts do not flag. Already some recruits are wobbly and some will need serious handholding over the next few weeks.

Yes, it is sad that Clausen and Tate will likely never be in the Blue and Gold again. But consider this – suppose one or both got injured in a silly bowl game against Appalachia State or whoever plays in those Mickey Mouse bowls. What would the decision look like then?

No, Notre Dame have made the right move. In the Brian Kelly era the pizza bowl idea will look like one of those bad dreams we all have just awakened from.