With Notre Dame hosting the Boilermakers later today, their coach Brian Kelly will be putting the boilermakers defense to the test.

Speaking about the upcoming game Purdue junior linebacker Joe Holland said. “We anticipate they might try to change the tempo a little bit. That does put some stress on the defense. We know we need to focus on getting lined up and getting the call from the sideline.”

He added "If we do that, we should be able to keep up. Nothing is stopping us from getting lined up quickly. It will be a challenge."

The Fighting Irish are playing a new offensive system which means predictions for the game are mixed.

Gary manuel, who was the Scarlet Knights' defensive line coach, said there's a misconception about the no-huddle offense's effect on defenses.

"You have to keep it simple for them and try to make sure they get lined up," he said. "Keep your poise, relax and understand you do have a little bit more time than you think. The hurry-up gets you in a rush mode and tries to get you out of your game."