A few days into the season and CBS Sports are rating Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson as an early favorite in the Heisman trophy race.

I kid you not.

After just one game Shoelace Denard has so impressed the experts that they think he may be the first Michigan winner since Desmond Howard.

To which I say hold the horses here.

Rich Rodriguez thinks he may have the quarterback to save his career.

To which I say no way.

But who can blame him? Denard had 383 total yards last weekend and ran through the Huskies like, well - excrement through a goose.

He will certainly be the man to stop on Saturday when they roll into Notre Dame.

The Irish are four point favorites but if Robinson runs like did against Connecticut they will beat the Irish.

We need a spy, a player devoted only to stopping Denard on the run.

Now that we have a defense and a coach humble enough to know he needs to improve in every game, we have a shot at stopping him.

Last year Denard would have had oh, 1,000 yards against the ND defense--in the first quarter..

Not this year though.

They say he doesn't tie his shoelaces so maybe one of our guys could knot the laces together at the line of scrimmage.

Failing that we jam the line of scrimmage to stop the run so much that we force him to pass.

Either way we will live or die by whether we can stop him.

Remember with the new hurry up offense we are on the field less time than before.

Which means stopping shoeless Joe or whatever they call him.

If we do we win the game.

Simple as that.