Notre Dame are facing a long list on injuries that could be deter them from success.

During a press conference this week Irish coach, Brian Kelly, spoke about injuries and recoveries.

Notre Dame (4-3) will by Navy (4-2) at the new Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey this weekend.

Notre Dame's top three leading receivers have been injured- Kyle Rudolph, Michael Floyd and Theo Riddick.

“It's the nature of college football,” Kelly said.

“We're prepared for it. They've gotten enough reps throughout the course of the summer, preseason camp, for us to be confident that we can be successful with our offense as it is.”

Floyd is the best of a bad lot.

He is the only receiver that may get a play on Saturday.

He played last Saturday and responded with nine receptions, 157 yards and three TDs.

However he has been held out of practice this week.

Rudolph had surgery for his hamstring on Friday and Riddick suffered an ankle injury in last weekends win over Western Michigan.

“We were fearful that it would require surgery,” Kelly said of Riddick's injury.

“It doesn't look like it will need surgery, but this is something that's going to take some time for it to heal. I can't give you a specific date and time.

“We'll see after we get the cast off here and the healing process begins as to what that looks like.”

However he admitted he is definitely a no show for Saturday.

Kelly also spoke about the "blurry line" that exists between athletes who are debilitated due to injury and those who can play with pain.

“I don't know that there's any player that wants to let his teammates down,” Kelly said.

“You get that component within your program where they care about each other, that's a strong component in wanting to get back out on the field. They don't want to be regarded as the guy that couldn't answer the bell, so to speak.”