The decision by Brian Kelly to go for the endzone at the end of the first half against Michigan and not kick a field goal cost Notre Dame this game.

As the game wound down in the second half Notre Dame at the Michigan 27 would only have needed a field goal to win,

Instead they needed a hail Mary and Dayne Crist almost hit Touchdown Jesus instead with a high pass that Wilt Chamberlain would not have caught.

Yet another game that Notre Dame should have won, and undoubtedly would have if Crist had been healthy enough to play the entire first half.

Kelly will come away knowing that this tradition of Notre Dame losing games late cannot continue if he is to be a successful head coach.

Denard Robinsin ran amok on a Notre Dame defense that looked suspiciously like last year's sad sack version.

There are many good points from the game, but nothing changes the end result --another Notre Dame last minute defeat to Michigan, same as last year

Deja Vu all over again