When Baylor beat out Notre Dame last night in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Finals with a score of 80-61, post-game comments from Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw drew some ire on social media.

CBS News reports that in post-game commentary, Coach McGraw noted about Baylor’s star player, 6’8 Brittney Griner saying that “I think she's one of a kind. I think she's like a guy playing with women,” also adding that she thought Griner was the best player she’s ever seen.

Griner, who is part of the now undefeated Baylor women’s basketball team that had an unprecedented 40 and 0 season, has been the topic of taunts lately due to her particularly tall stature and “dominant” style of play.

Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey has been mindful to stand up for her player by “calling out” anyone who teases Griner. Coach McGraw saying that Brittney Griner “plays like a guy” only added fuel to the fire of taunting that has been aimed at Griner.

Griner, however, has remained calm, cool and collected about the situation, refusing to let any of the negative commentary get her down. The proof came last night when she had a major role in leading Baylor to not only their historic 40 and 0 season, but also to the national title.

Griner said she took Coach McGraw’s comments as a compliment.

When asked about her comments, Coach McGraw said “I would hope that it was clear to those in attendance at Tuesday's press conference that my comments were meant to be complimentary, and in reference to her style of play and her dominance in our game, nothing more."

Brittney Grinner from the Baylor team celebrates their big win.Google Images