I wrote yesterday that Notre Dame will likely breeze by Connecticut and lose against Stanford. Now I'm not so sure.

Connecticut are rated the best 4-5 team in the country by computer guru Jeff Sagarin who ranks the Huskies 47th overall. Sagarin has Notre Dame at 36th in the country --pathetic when you think about it.

Consider also that Connecticut lost by only two points to Brian Kelly's Cincinnati who are rated Number 5 in the country and you realize this game will be no blow-out

Then there is the case of quarterback Zach Frazer, a Notre Dame cast-off who really has something to prove against the Irish. Quarterbacks with something to prove have had a field day against the Irish this year given the pathetic secondary. Freshmen quarterbacks at USC and Michigan looked like world beaters against the Fighting Irish.

Consider also that while Connecticut are 4-5 they could easily be at least 6-3 having lost their games by 2,3,4,4, and 2,points.

Given that Notre Dame will be coming into this game demoralized, with a coach who knows he is very likely for the high jump, then Connecticut could really spring the surprise.

Looking forward to Stanford, the wonderfully named Andrew Luck could be yet another young quarterback who feasts on the Irish secondary . You can see the headline already 'No Luck for the Irish.'

Luck may well be the best young quarterback in the nation, beautifully coached by Jim Harbaugh who is leading his team on a tear at present. Luck is not playing like a freshman and he destroyed USC last week. What are the odds he will do the same against the luckless Irish defense? Curses. We may end up this season 6-6.