The Fighting Irish have a lot of shopping to do during the holiday season.  As far as X’s and O’s go, they’re more needy than Bob Crachit.  And since Santa now refuses old fashioned, paper written letters- emails and blog posts only- the list will have to be publicly digitalized. 

1.  Head Coach:
A person isn’t normally the first thing on a Christmas list, so Santa should have a few of these available.  Rumored signal caller Brian Kelly bought up a good point during his post-game press conference this past Saturday.  He said he no one else can possibly know whether or not he’ll accept the ND job, until it‘s officially delivered from his lips.  He admitted he would “entertain” the thought, but has yet to reach a decision.  Countles sources swear he’ll be Weis’ successor, but until it comes from Kelly, I’m checking out other conference stores.  And now that he has Florida to prepare for in the Sugar Bowl, expect to wait a lot longer. 

2.  A freakin’ defense:
No doubt a Skipper would aid in bringing out the potential in this gift. Picture a unit out there next fall causing some turnovers and stopping a few passes.  The last time I checked, Santa was able to haul tons and tons of toys on his sled.  Now, if he can bring them in the form of defensive lineman and 4.4- running cornerbacks, that would be fantastic.  Even wooden soldiers would do for now. 

3.  New quarterback:
That‘s right, kiss Jimmy boy Clausen goodbye.  He will no longer be the “black eye” of the Notre Dame offense; the mere punching bag he was for three years.  He’s taken more late hits than a Billy Wagner fastball.  Do I think he’s NFL ready? Not sure, I’m not Mel Kiper.  But as Weis walks out the door, so does his prized recruit. 

4.  A friendlier media:
Did we get Charlie Weis canned?  No, probably not.  After all, he’s the one who failed to beat a highly ranked opponent in five seasons.  But we certainly helped enticing his demise, like Best Buy lines do to a Xmas eve shopper.  Now there’s clout surrounding comments Weis madeabout USC coach Pete Carroll.  Can we please collectively give the Domers a break... at least during the holidays?

5.  Successful basketball teams:
Whether it’s the men’s or the women’s team, can they do something amazing to take the heat off the football team?  Score 150 points in a game, lost by 150 points, anything at all!  Just create a headline that doesn’t involve “Weis,” “Kelly” or “football.”  Like the Maroon five song, it's getting harder and harder for AD Jack Swarbrick to breathe.