Notre Dame gave the Maryland Terrapins a throttling with a 45-21 results in front of a 70,251 strong crowd at FedEx Field.

The fact that Notre Dame’s opponent was only satisfactory meant Notre Dame only had to keep up. This was clear from the 508 years of offense and the defense notching up as many touchdowns as Maryland’s did.

Speaking to WGN Radio Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly said “It's Saturday, November the 12th, (and) we played the way we need to play in all three phases…We'll see what happens on the 19th of November.

"Our players truly understand how to win football games now, and they know that they have to bring all three phases. We'll look to repeat that next week. That's the challenge to our team."


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Quarterback Tommy Reese connected on 30 of 38 attempts for 296 years and touchdowns to Michal Floyd (nine catches, 90 yards) and Tyler Eifert eight, 83).

Eifert said “We know every week, we have to win to get where we want to go…You don't change the way you prepare, you come to work the same every day. That's how you get consistent results."

Tommy Rees said “It's a great win, but it came from hard work and consistency throughout the week…We just have to keep that going week in and week out."

Here’s what the Notre Dame players had to say after the game:

QB Tommy Rees

On balanced offense between the run and pass...

That's something our offense needs. We've been running the ball so well, and it's good to see the passing game get back up there tonight. I think it is just hats off to everyone on the offensive side, from the coaches on down to the players.

On WR Robby Toma's performance tonight...

It seems like it was a similar time last year when he came in and stepped up for us. He was awesome for us all week. Tonight, he really made some plays for us on the perimeter and turned small throws into big plays. He really has a knack for the game. He did a great job.

LB Darius Fleming

On taking over #46 in honor of injured teammate and fellow senior Steve Filer...

I figured the least I could do was wear his jersey. Since he couldn't be out there, I just wanted to honor and represent him. I talked to Coach (Kelly) on Thursday about doing it and there was no hesitation. (Steve) was actually there Friday when Coach announced it and he was hyped about it.

On what he thinks Coach Kelly means by doing the little things to win...

I consider the little things to mean everything from cleaning up the locker room, to watching film study, to going out there and making certain plays. You can relate a lot of things to mean the 'little things', so it all adds together and benefits you in the end.

WR Robbie Toma

On starting today...

Obviously, keeping in mind that one of my best friends, Theo, went down, just to get out there and play felt really good. Having guys like Mike [Floyd], Cierre [Wood], [Tyler] Eif[ert] and TJ [Jones] makes things a lot easier for guys like me. I just felt like maybe they didn't pay as much attention to me, and Tommy [Rees] found me.

On the feeling of starting today...

Last year I was put in a similar situation when Theo went down. I was ready for this. It felt like a normal game for me. I'm just gonna do whatever I can, and when my number is called be ready.

CB Lo Wood

On his interception...

We were playing a hard cover two. If it weren't for Jamoris [Slaughter] jumping the route and getting over to the ball, I never would have gotten the ball. I'm mostly giving thanks to him.

RB Jonas Gray

On exceeding his expectations for the year...

I still have yet to play a complete game. I didn't do as well as I wanted on to special teams. I could have done a little bit better on blitz pick-up. Finishing the game, playing consistent and trying to have just an entire good game, playing an entire game, and I have yet to do that.



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On his first 100-yard rushing game...

It was great. The guys in front did a great job blocking. The receivers did a great job blocking up field. Like I always do, I did the rest with my legs. Coach Kelly did a great job drawing the plays. We knew we would be able to run the ball. It was starting with a physical mentality and continuing that throughout the game.

On the tempo of the offense...

It was a big emphasis this week to play at a fast tempo, and we did that well. A few guys were getting gassed, and we're not used to doing that, even myself. That's a dimension of the offense that we are going to try to keep doing. When we do that, we are a pretty good offense and hard to stop.

On the draw play on third-and-17 in the third quarter...

We know that that draw play will work a lot of times. The d-line will shoot up field fast and pretty much do the rest with my legs. Try to beat it with speed and do whatever I can to get the first down.