The Fighting Irish are rearing to go and excited to be facing rival Army in the Mecca of baseball, Yankee Stadium, in New York on Saturday.

Said boss Brian Kelly on Tuesday, "They know they're going to New York.

"I don't think I've ever had more injured guys ask me if they were traveling this week."

"They're all excited about that. The fact of the matter is, they want to play well again.

"They want to obviously, on the stage, in New York, they understand playing well is the most important thing."

Notre Dame are hoping to scoop a win making them eligible for a bowl.

Last weekend the Irish trampled Utah 28-3.

Notre Dame will be missing nose guard Ian Williams this weekend due to a recent knee injury.

On facing Army, Kelly said, "They do a very good job with the option and they also add some traditional offense.

"You'll see fly sweeps, counter, a passing game that is a little bit more diverse than a typical option team," Kelly said.

When asked about his concern about Army's blocking, Kelly said he didn't think his team was "psyched out by that type of blocking."

"We just didn't defend it. We couldn't get to the areas that we needed to get to," Kelly said.

"The guys know what to expect from it this time around.

"I don't think we'll overemphasize it.

"They know the schemes.

"This is strictly about, again, controlling the line of scrimmage than worrying about cut blocks."