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The vote is in, and by an overwhelming 70/30 majority, Fighting Irish fans would prefer Brian Kelly of Cincinnati to Charlie Weis as head coach of Notre Dame next year, according to our poll.

Over 600 people voted, not a bad cross sample, and  the result is an example of the deep concern that Domers have right now about the
football program under Weis.

Rightfully so. When we look back on the first six games this year we will see the pattern emerge of a gutsy team let down by poor coaching and flawed tactics.

The two defeats should have been victories. A freshman quarterback for Michigan was allowed run amok and pull of a last minute sensational victory.

Against USC, poor clock management by Weis as the time ran down meant that Clausen had very little time to settle his offense and had to hurry up on ever play.

Meanwhile, Brian Kelly has led Cincinnati to the No. 5 spot in the new BCS rankings after an extraordinary victory over South Florida, despite losing his starting quarterback. Notre Dame? We don't even make the top 25.

Kelly has come out strongly against critics who claim Cincinnati have no place in the national championship talk.

He is dead right. At 6-0, Cincinnati need fear no one and unlike Weis, Kelly has shown he can deliver. Note Dame fans know that, and clearly see him as the savior of a troubled football program.

But will he get the chance? Does he know the Irish Fight Song? My guess is he will soon.